Some advantages of Internet use include increased access to information, global communication with others, vast opportunities for commercial activities like buying and selling, various online programs and entertainment p... More »

The advantages of a Wide Area Network are its size and speed, but it is often expensive and complicated to set up and maintain, requiring a trained network expert. WAN is designed to allow sharing of information over a b... More »

Computer software suites are less expensive than purchasing applications separately. Each application in a suite tends to use similar interfaces, so data is easily transported from one program to another. However, a soft... More »

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The Internet offers a variety of advantages that include instant communication, business opportunities, online education, work-from-home opportunities and online shopping. Individuals who live in rural areas are able to ... More »

The Internet is good because it provides access to information on a 24-hour basis, allows for communication between people all across the world and allows for the information provided to be updated quickly. More »

The Internet is useful for facilitating communication, distributing information, and sharing knowledge. Some of the ways this can be achieved through the use of the Internet is by fostering conversation or debates with o... More »

The main purpose of the Internet is offering effective information sharing and communication globally using computers. Notably, the Internet is the biggest player in the realization of the concept of globalization today.... More »