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Conclusion: In order to understand advantages of satellite communication and disadvantages of satellite communication, one has to understand satellite communication basics. Refer Satellite tutorial >> which covers everything on satellite including satellite structure, bands, orbits, types, configuration, applications and more.


Man-made satellites are important and impressive pieces of technology, but they do have some down sides. Satellites are very costly, hard to maintain, and not always reliable. These disadvantages have to be weighed against the many benefits from satellites.


However, whilst satellite communication could provide the needed telecoms connectivity, there are a few pros and cons associated with that medium that ought to be considered. Pro: Coverage. One of the most compelling benefits of satellite communication is the fact that the signal from satellite can cover large geographic areas.


Advantage and Disadvantage of Satellite Communication Nov 19 • Notes • 42771 Views • 13 Comments on Advantage and Disadvantage of Satellite Communication Satellite Communication is one of the most impressive spin-off from space programs, and made a major contribution to the international communication.


If you are to summarize the advantages, it is that we can access the satellites that those satellites offer, everywhere in the world at any time (assuming a satellite is currently in the position where you want to use it). The specific advantages ...


Compared to the optical fiber communication, satellite communication has the advantages that, quality of transmitted signal and location of sending and receiving stations are independent of distance. The user has control over their own network. For thin traffic remote areas, satellite communication is most economical.


Total three satellites are sufficient for the job. Almost there is no doppler shift and hence less complex receivers can be used for the satellite communication. Disadvantages of GEO or Geostationary Earth Orbit. Following are the disadvantages of GEO orbit: The signal requires considerable time to travel from Earth to satellite and vice versa ...


Advantages of Satellites . In today's world of wireless communications, high definition television and global access to the Internet, many people are unclear about the inherent advantages of satellite communications. Why does the satellite industry continue to grow? When is satellite the best solution?


Advantages of satellite communication 1. Satellite communication services being so portable and are very easy to install and also have user-friendly as well 2. The satellite communication services are very helpful for the people staying in a remote area Disadvantages of satellite communication `1. The satellite has a life which is about 12-15 years.


The conclusion on advantages and disadvantages of communication technology vary depending on the type of communication. In most cases, the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages.