Microwaves provide an energy-efficient way to heat food quickly and easily; however, they don't always heat food evenly and can potentially be harmful if food is not heated properly. Microwaves are useful for preparing c... More »

The main disadvantage of microwave transmission is that microwave towers can exchange data only if they have a clear line of sight between them with no obstacles such as buildings, hills or trees in the way. Other disadv... More »

The main advantage of WiMAX is that it allows high-speed wireless Internet connections over a broad coverage area, while the main disadvantage is that it is expensive to install. Companies and municipalities set up WiMAX... More »

Prior to their use in the microwave oven, microwaves were used as part of radar communication, and it is in this capacity that an American named Percy Spencer inadvertently discovered that microwaves could be used to coo... More »

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Among the many advantages of high technology are improved distribution of information, improved health care, preservation of some resources and less work on many tasks. Disadvantages of high technology are too much infor... More »

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The microwave was invented by Dr. Percy LeBaron Spencer.. The technology behind the microwave was discovered by accident when Spencer noticed that his candy bar melted while working on a radar-related project. He made th... More »

Gas ovens are cheaper to use, provide an increased control over cooking, are more durable and less inclined to dry out food than electric ovens. They are also operable even during power outages, as they do not rely on el... More »

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