Adult daycare programs relieve caregivers of adults during the day while still providing safe and friendly monitoring and support. They are frequently used by those who are caring for elderly, disabled or otherwise ailin... More » Health Older Adults

Adult care centers offer residents companionship and opportunities to participate in activities. You must comply with certain regulatory requirements in order to operate this business. More » Health Older Adults

Flexible timing, individualized programs, integration of prior learning into college credits and specially designed financial aid are some features of adult degree programs. James Madison University, University of Wiscon... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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Some activities that senior day care centers offer include crafts, music therapy, exercise, gardening, games, cooking and field trips, states National Caregivers Library. Others include pet therapy, relaxation techniques... More » Health Older Adults

Adult social care services are for adults who have trouble coping with life and require support and care. These services allow adults to maintain their independence and dignity during tough times, according to the UK's N... More » Health Older Adults

Though services vary by state, elder abuse hotlines often take reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation and refer cases to adult protective services, law enforcement and long-term care ombudsman programs. Representativ... More » Health Older Adults

Senior citizen centers typically provide health and wellness programs, employment assistance, transportation services and volunteer opportunities for aging adults. Seniors can also participate in arts and humanities acti... More » Health Older Adults