Virtual pet ownership begins with searching online to find a website that offers your dream pet. Note that some sites require your computer be equipped with a specific flash player to view its graphics. Fill in the desig... More »

People can play the Wolf Cub game online at under the 'Adopt a Pet' tab. There are dozens of other games for different pets, so consider using the site's search engine to find the Wolf Cub game. More »

As of February 2015, the types of pets that can be adopted on Webkinz are Retirement Pets, Rockerz Pets, CandyKinz Collection Pets, Adventure Park Pets, Zodiac Pets, Birthstone Pets, Signature Pets, Pet of the Month, Cla... More »

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Virtual Pet Wolf from the store and Canidus Wolf Pack Sim from are games that allow users to play as or interact with a virtual wolf. is website that features both wolf and dog ... More »

Players don't get a virtual pet from Pou because Pou is the virtual pet that players care for. “Pou” is a mobile game available for free on the Google Play store. In this game, players take care of Pou, who is an alien p... More »

doTERRA Virtual Office can be found on the official website, You can use your doTERRA ID or a Virtual Office member ID to log in. More »

Neopets, PsyPets and Webkinz are some fun virtual world pet games that are online as of April 2015. Each of the games attracts a different audience and offers unique virtual world features. More »