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To adopt Shih Tzu puppies, visit the website of a Shih Tzu rescue organization, a humane society chapter or a pet adoption advertisement site and look for adoption instructions. Most rescue groups post the document requirements, adoption procedures and adoption fees on their websites.


Before adopting a shih tzu, a would-be dog owner should consider whether this breed suits his lifestyle and the living conditions he can offer it. As the search narrows to a specific dog, the prospective owner needs to find out as much as possible about the dog's history and health.


The cost of shih tzu puppies is dependent on their health and quality, averaging between $400 to $700 but sometimes spiking to $1,000 or higher. The American Kennel Club also factors in the cost of raising a healthy puppy, such as regular grooming, vet visits, toys, food, supplies, ID and so on. The


One method of finding free shih tzu puppies is to check the local Craigslist site or the classified section of a newspaper. Many people list puppies as "free to a good home" when their adult dogs have unexpected puppies.


A newborn Shih Tzu puppy starts out weighing about 6 ounces or less. These dogs stop growing at about 7 to 10 months of age. At this time, their mature weight usually reaches a total of somewhere between 9 and 16 pounds.


To give a shih tzu a puppy cut, a good pair of scissors and a brush formulated for use on canines is essential. The dog's hair is brushed scrupulously to get rid of tangles, and then the hair is clipped first in sensitive areas. Careful clipping continues in the direction in which the hair grows, un


The American Kennel Club provides an online database that allows site visitors to find shih tzu puppies for sale in various locations. There are reputable shih tzu breeders all across the United States.


Shih Tzus can grow up to 16 pounds and up to 11-inches tall. The Shih Tzu's body is just a little longer than it is tall, so they are sturdy dogs.


A dog from a shih tzu rescue may be adopted by filling out an application on the organization's official website or at the rescue facility. The rescue group organization decides whether you are fit to provide a suitable home for a rescued shih tzu dog or puppy.


Popular names for shih tzus include Munchkin, Coco, Teddy, Yoshi and Biscuit, according to MiracleShihTzu.com. Shih tzu names are usually short and playful to emphasize the small stature and outgoing personality of the breed.