Many words start with the letter “J,” such as "jet," "jig," "junk," "jaded" and "jurors." The shortest word that starts with the letter “J” in the English language is "jo," which has just two letters, and the longest wor... More » Education

Unusual words that begin with "J" include "jejune," "jojoba" and "jicama." These words are unusual because none of them have the traditional sound associated with the letter J. "Jejune" is from Latin and refers to the mu... More » Education

A few foods that start with the letter "J" are jalapeno peppers, jicama, Jerusalem artichokes, juniper berries and Jello. It's important to note the the "J" actually makes an "H" sound at the beginning of "jalapeno" and ... More »

Some common words in the English language that end with the letter Z include buzz, jazz, quiz and showbiz. Other English words ending in Z include fizz, fuzz, pizzazz and fez. More » Education

Quart, queen, quotient, and question are some common words that begin with the letter Q. In the English language, the letter Q tends to be followed by the letter U, but there are notable exceptions. Some examples include... More » Education

The smallest words that contain the letter X are ax, ex, ox, xi and xu. Some three-letter words that use the letter X are six, mix, wax, fix and hex. More » Education

The letter "A" is one of the most popularly used letters in the English language, and some words that begin with it are "aardvark," "abnormal" and "abject." Other words include "area," "atrophy" and "analogy." More » Education