ClimaCool is an Adidas technology used in the company's shoes and clothes, and is designed to provide athletes with ventilation and moisture control. The addition of ClimaCool to athletic shoes allows for breathability a... More »

Attics need ventilation for several reasons, including energy efficiency of the home, ice dam prevention, moisture control and shingle protection. Manufacturer warranties on asphalt shingles often requires ventilation. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

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As of 2015, some of the world's wealthiest athletes are Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher, Arnold Palmer, Roger Staubach and Tiger Woods. Each has a net worth of more than $500 million. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Athletes

College athletes should not be paid above scholarships received for tuition, fees and lodging. Several plausible arguments indicate that paying such athletes would have detrimental effects, rather than benefits, on athle... More »

Professional athletes can make anywhere from $160,000 to over $5 million per year. The amount depends on the sport, the negotiated contract and endorsements. More »

Athletic propulsion labs are a line of sports footwear designed to increase vertical leap in athletes. The footwear acts through a compressing and releasing action that mirrors the effect of a spring. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Athletes