Fabric adhesive tape has a number of uses including emergency repairs, hems and basting. Fabric adhesive tape comes in several brands and types, both temporary and permanent. More »

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Carpet tape is specifically designed to adhere to carpet; other tapes do not hold as well. Double-sided carpet tape keeps carpets securely in place on a floor, while carpet edging tape keeps unfinished carpet edges from ... More »

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A reaction to the adhesive tape on bandages is due to contact dermatitis, according to Daniel More, M.D. Characterized as an itchy red rash in the shape of the bandage, contact dermatitis is caused by an allergic reactio... More »

Temporary repairs can be made with rubber-coated tape or Goop, but to permanently seal a leak in a PVC pipe, use regular PVC adhesive and a coupling. The adhesive and coupling can be purchased at a hardware store or anyw... More »

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To make a roller blind, also known as a roller shade, collect the materials, spray the fabric with adhesive, place it on the roller, cut along the shade, add double-sided adhesive tape to the trim and tuck it in to hide ... More »

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Various tools used in electricity include a voltmeter, fish tape, a tape measure, channel lock pliers and a hammer. Other tools include noncontact voltage detectors, wire strippers, torpedo levels, wire testers, hacksaws... More »

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Commonly used construction tools and equipment include steel measuring tape, belt sanders, orbital sanders, nail guns, framing squares and various types of saws. Construction contractors also use a variety of levels when... More »

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