Find phone numbers and addresses for collection agencies by ordering a copy of your credit report from one of the major credit-reporting agencies. These credits reports include contact information for the collection agen... More » Government & Politics Public Records

If served with a debt collection summons and complaint, compile a short statement, which is called an answer, that addresses each of the allegations outlined in the summons and complaint, as attorney Robert J. Nahoum det... More » Government & Politics Law Debt Law

Several financial and legal websites offer sample letters to stop a debt collection agency, including and These letters illustrate the process of writing a letter to instruct the collection ... More » Government & Politics Law Debt Law
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Telephone directories can only list landline telephone numbers because those phone numbers are a matter of public record. Cell phone numbers, however, are not considered public records, and websites or services offering ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Look up old U.S. telephone numbers by accessing current and non-current telephone directories at the Library of Congress, which houses an extensive collection of white and yellow pages that are available to the public. A... More »

There are a number of scams involving phone calls from numbers with the 855 prefix, including fake debt collection services, fake computer tech support and false company representatives. Wary consumers should never divul... More » is a search engine that lets users find the phone numbers and addresses of people and businesses. It also lets users perform reverse phone lookups and find directions. More »