To add an addendum to a document, open the document in a word processing program, and go to the last page available. In the toolbar menu, use the "insert" tool to create a page break, opening up a new page at the end of ... More »

There are two versions of the form used in notary acknowledgment that show that the notary assures the proof that the person subscribed in an agreement executed his duties with an affirming signature, according to Notary... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Depending on the type of document, create an addendum at the end of the document or appendix by inserting a page break, centering the cursor, and typing "Addendum" and a title underneath that describes the purpose of the... More »

In order to create an online document, a browser-based word processor program, such as Google Docs, must be used. To access Google Docs, enter the link into the address bar, and then click on the blue plu... More » Education Writing

To create a letter template, open a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, and select a new document. Create a letter template from an existing template within the program, revise a template to meet your specif... More »

Formatting marks occur in word processing software such as Microsoft Word and Pages for Mac, and they reflect formatting changes that occur throughout a document. Although these marks are usually invisible to the user by... More »

Write a letter of transfer of ownership by using a typewriter or word-processing program to craft a document that includes the date that the transfer is effective and a specific list of changes that coincide with the cha... More »