To display Favorites bar in Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu, select Toolbars, and click Favorites Bar. Favorites are hidden by default when Internet Explorer is initially installed. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Install and use Xmarks to securely sync favorites or bookmarks between browsers. Because different browsers vary in the way they approach exporting and importing bookmarks or favorites, Xmarks provides a way to go about ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Google Support provides step-by-step instructions for adding videos to your own custom playlists. On the desktop version of YouTube, open the video, click the Add To button underneath the player, and then select the chec... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To access your Internet Explorer web browsing history, open Internet Explorer, and click on the Favorites button. Then, click the History tab. This displays a list of your browsing history that can be sorted by date, sit... More »

To add the print icon on a task bar, right-click on the blank area of the task bar, click Toolbars on the menu, select New Toolbar, select the printer from the provided options, and then click OK. This process works for ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Reveal your Internet Explorer menu bar and toolbar by pressing the Alt or F11 keys on your keyboard. This method works when you have accidentally hidden the menu and toolbar, or if you have set the browser to full-screen... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To uninstall Internet Explorer, navigate to Programs and Features, click View Installed Updates and select Uninstall Internet Explorer. The process takes just a couple of minutes. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help