Example problems from action and linking verb worksheets are the sentences “The children appeared tired" and “The witness appeared in court” asking to identify the verbs and classify them as linking or action verbs. "App... More » Education K-12

Typical action verbs include laugh, walk, smile, scream, sleep, cry, eat, run, text, wash, write and draw. These words denote an action done or being done by a subject to an object in a sentence. Most verbs that imply an... More » Education

A physical action verb is an action verb that describes a physical action. For example, throw and sit are both physical action verbs because they describe someone's actions. More » Education Writing
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In sentences using active verbs, a noun performs the action of a verb, while in passive voice sentences, the verb is acted upon by the noun. For example, a sentence containing an active verb is "the professor teaches the... More » Education

French verbs conjugations depend on the pronoun before the verb as well as the ending of the infinitive form of the verb. Verbs ending in "er," "ir," or "re" usually follow a standard rule of conjugation, but the French ... More » Education

To identify a present tense verb, look at the verb in relation to other verbs in the phrase or sentence. In English, only the simple past and simple present tenses can be determined by looking at only the main verb. For ... More » Education

English verbs are usually conjugated into the present tense from the infinitive (a phrase that includes the word "to" followed by a verb) by doing nothing to the verb for the pronouns I, you, they, we, and you. Add an "s... More » Education Writing