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Science >> Chemistry for Kids Acids and bases are two special kinds of chemicals. Almost all liquids are either acids or bases to some degree. Whether a liquid is an acid or base depends on the type of ions in it.


Acids and Bases Are Everywhere Every liquid you see will probably have either acidic or basic traits. Water (H 2 O) can be both an acid and a base, depending on how you look at it. It can be considered an acid in some reactions and a base in others. Water can even react with itself to form acids and bases.


Talk about common acids and bases. Explain that acids and bases are found all over the place. For instance, bodies use acids to help digest food, and many cleaning products contain bases. Ask the kids to name some common substances and guess if they are acidic or basic.


Some bases and acids are very strong and can be dangerous. Vocabulary. Acid: A substance with many hydrogen ions, such as vinegar, orange juice, and stomach acid. Base: A substance with many hydroxide ions, such as baking soda, bleach, or soapy water. Learn More. Visit PBS Kids for some kitchen chemistry experiments with acids and bases.


Acids vs. Bases Experiments for Kids. Because acids and bases pop up all over the place in nature, as well as in plenty of human-made settings, what are some fun and interesting ways to play with these ideas? As it turns out, there are plenty. Try a few of these experiments to get everyone interested in the ideas of acids and bases. 1.


Acids and bases are two related types of chemicals. Each type has a number of common properties when dissolved in a solvent, usually water. Acids solutions usually taste sour and turn litmus paper red.


Acids and bases are often used in science and technology. The batteries of cars and invertors contain a strong acid called sulphuric acid. Bases are used in manufacturing household cleaning products, baking soda, and as fertilizers for crops.


Acid-base reactions (neutralization) Since acids donate hydrogen ions and bases accept hydrogen ions, it is no surprise that combining an acid with a base produces a chemical reaction. The free hydrogen ions (H +) released from the acid combine with the free hydroxide ions from the base (OH −) to form water (H 2 O) and a salt: acid + base ...


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