The reaction between a metal oxide and an acid produces a salt and water. The resulting mixture is warm. The kind of salt produced is dependent on the specific acid used. More » Science Chemistry Acids & Bases

When acids react with metals, they produce a salt and hydrogen gas. Most metals react with acids, but not all. The general equation that describes the chemical reaction between an acid and metal is metal + acid = salt + ... More » Science Chemistry

Metals to the left of hydrogen in the electrochemical series react with hydrochloric acid. These elements include lithium, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, zinc, iron and lead. Metals to the right of hydr... More » Science Chemistry Acids & Bases
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The reaction which occurs between an acid and a carbonate compound produces a salt, water and the release of carbon dioxide. A word equation that can be used to express this reaction is "metal carbonate + acid — metal sa... More » Science Chemistry Acids & Bases

The neutralization of an acidic substance is accomplished by combining it with a basic substance, which results in the formation of water and a salt, explains UC Davis ChemWiki. The neutralization reaction occurs due to ... More » Science Chemistry Acids & Bases

When you mix an acid with an alkali, the compounds produce salt and water, as described by HyperPhysics, hosted by Georgia State University. Chemical reactions during which acid and base properties of compounds are neutr... More » Science Chemistry Acids & Bases

According to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, acid shock is caused when snow melts and acids that have been gathering in the snow are released into a body of water. The sudden change in water chemistry is known a... More » Science Chemistry Acids & Bases