Find accredited online high schools by checking state department of education databases, searching online for private schools and contacting colleges and universities to find out if they offer diploma programs, says TheB... More » Education K-12

Walden University, Liberty University, Capella University and Kaplan University are accredited online universities that offer PhD programs. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Arizona State University and Texas ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Lists of degrees offered through accredited online universities are located on each university's website. provides a comprehensive list of accredited online universities and colleges throughout t... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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CEEB codes are numerical identifiers assigned to high schools, colleges and universities for unambiguous identification. They are maintained by the College Board and used for administrative purposes, such as sending test... More » Education K-12

According to U.S. News and World Report, top-rated universities in San Antonio, Texas, include Trinity University and St. Mary's University of San Antonio, while the city's highest-rated high schools are Health Careers H... More » Education K-12

Many colleges, high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools have student portals that require a username and password. These portals, such as the Chalmers University of Technology Student Portal, allow access... More » Education K-12

To find the right free diploma program for your needs, check out community colleges in your area, as well as local resources such as libraries and high schools. There are also some free diploma programs online, such as t... More » Education K-12