An accounting assessment practice test can have questions on topics such as accounts receivable and bad debt expense, income and cash flow statements, debits and credit bookkeeping and cost behavior and break-even point.... More » Education Standardized Tests

Some of the ways to pass an employment assessment test include preparing beforehand, knowing how to answer questions concisely yet thoroughly and asking for feedback after the test. Employment assessment tests often incl... More » Business & Finance Careers Applying & Interviewing

One of the four online assessment tests recommended by Brigham Young University is the 16 Personalities Test; the quiz results provide students with a four-letter personality type divided by analysts, diplomats, sentinel... More » Education Standardized Tests

Advanced Cardiac Life Support practice test questions include “Which of the following statements is true regarding the use of vasopressors?” and “If the patient appears conscious, the rescuer should use which survey for ... More » Education Standardized Tests

Study for the Medical College Admission Test by reviewing the topics covered by the test, creating a study plan, taking advantage of available resources to help you prepare for the MCAT and taking practice tests. Studyin... More » Education Standardized Tests

Some of the types of test questions found on the civil service practice test include questions covering problem solving, accounting and vocabulary. One example of a test question is "Find the average of 431, 642 and 742.... More » Education Standardized Tests

Many ESL practice tests assess a student's knowledge of basic sentence elements, but the questions usually require test takers to use the correct form of a word rather than identify the elements of the sentence. Several ... More » Education Standardized Tests