The major accomplishments of Charlemagne include developing the rules of the feudal system, encouraging reading and writing throughout his empire, developing commerce with a unified monetary system, and the unification o... More » History Middle Ages

Also referred to as Charles the Great, Charlemagne is considered the first Holy Roman Emperor, and some of his accomplishments included the eliminating the Avar Empire and removing Duke Tassilo from Bavaria. Charlemagne ... More » History Middle Ages

Also referred to as "Karl" and "Charles the Great," Charlemagne ruled Western Europe from 768 to 814 A.D. After the death of his father Pepin the Short, the Frankish kingdom was divided between his sons. Charlemagne rule... More » History Middle Ages
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Charlemagne achieved fame for consolidating the Frankish kingdom and then conquering Saxony in a bloody series of 18 battles, but after his death, his Holy Roman Empire passed to his son Louis the Pious. After Louis' pas... More » History Middle Ages

The Crusades spread Christianity, expanded the territories of many European countries, increased trade, spread knowledge and began an era of persecution and war against non-Christians that continued with the Inquisition.... More » History Middle Ages

The Ghana Empire amassed large volumes of gold and resources, expanded trade among nations near and far, established a structured court system and introduced standard military organization. The Ghana Empire, also called ... More » History Middle Ages

Charlemagne is known for conquering and uniting large areas of western Europe into a single kingdom. He was also crowned emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III. More » History Middle Ages