Free cable TV streaming works through the Internet rather than a cable connection and is viewed directly on a computer or on a television through a streaming device such as Roku. Some cable channels require a subscriptio... More » Art & Literature

The Verizon cable television listings are located at and at Verizon's official site. automatically detects the location of the IP address accessing the website in order to give accurate results. More » Art & Literature

Roku streaming media players do not require a cable subscription to function; however, many cable companies and cable network channels have apps available that allow authorized subscribers to stream content with Roku dev... More » Technology Television & Video
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The Roku 3 streaming media player works by displaying user-selected audio and video content from the Internet on a television connected to the device. The source options for the streaming content includes free channels, ... More » Technology Television & Video

Set up the Slingbox up by connecting it to an Internet connection, linking it with a cable service and television, and using a computer, tablet or smartphone to view content. The television signal goes from the set-top b... More » Art & Literature

After a Roku device has been linked to a television and an internet network, once a timezone has been selected the device will display a unique code on the television screen that should be entered on a computer at the Ro... More » Art & Literature

Smart TVs are effectively standard TVs with built-in computer technology to control Internet streaming and other services, so attaching a streaming device to a television gives it the capabilities of a smart TV. Popular ... More » Technology Television & Video