A scholarly monograph is a single volume written by a scholar in an academic field that discusses a specialized subject in depth. A scholarly monograph is intended for an academic audience rather than a general one. They... More »

Templates for scholarly article reviews can be found through many universities and libraries. The templates provide guidance on formatting and information to be included in reviews submitted under various governing assoc... More »

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Savetz Publishing offers 210 free resume templates to customize and print in a variety of styles and formats, such as academic, business, chronological and professional. Some templates include various skill and experienc... More »

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"The American Scholar" by Ralph Waldo Emerson is an essay on what it meant to be a scholar in the America of his day. It was originally delivered as a speech to the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Harvard University on August ... More »

Qualities of a good scholar may include a dedication to a specific field, the ability to stay organized and take proper notes on the subject, strong communication skills to express ideas, and a willingness to share the i... More »

An educational e-book is an electronic book that teaches the reader a subject or skill. Educational e-books are non-fiction in nature and are often used by teachers to learn more about a subject or to expand upon lessons... More »

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Tone is an attitude that the author conveys through writing about an audience or subject. Tone is typically expressed through word choice or through the viewpoint the author has on a particular subject. More »