According to data published in 2013 by the International Energy Agency, coal is the most abundant fossil fuel. The IEA puts the total amount of proven coal resources available at 1,040 tons, which is up 3 percent from 20... More »

The most abundant mineral group found in the Earth's crust is the silicate group. The silicate minerals contain both oxygen and silicon, which are also the two most abundant elements contained in the Earth's mantle. Sili... More »

The most abundant element on Earth is oxygen, but the most abundant element in the entire universe is hydrogen. On Earth, oxygen makes up approximately 47 percent of the Earth's mass and is found both in Earth's atmosphe... More »

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Four types of fossil fuels include the traditional fossil fuels of oil, coal and natural gas, and a third propriety fuel developed by British Petroleum known as Orimulsion. Fossil fuels are found within the Earth and are... More »

There is no definite date for the discovery of the first fossil fuel. According to the Kentucky Foundation, many ancient peoples used fossil fuels before they became popular as commercial sources of energy. More »

Fossil fuel power stations work through a process in which the fuels are burned in order to produce heat, which is then converted into mechanical energy and eventually transformed into electricity. Some examples of fossi... More »

Fossil fuels come from organic matter that has decomposed under the intense pressure and heat of the Earth's crust. Fossil fuels are primarily carbon based, although some fuels, such as methane, have higher ratios of hyd... More »