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Aboriginal Art & Culture - Alice Springs Australia Welcome to Alice Springs, Central Australia For 40,000 years the Alice Springs area has been a traditional "meeting place" for the trading of Aboriginal artifacts, the maintenance and exchange of Aboriginal customs, knowledge and culture and more recently for Aboriginal art.


Aboriginal art is part of the oldest continuous living culture in world history, with Australian Aborigines having settled on the Australian continent somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 years ago.


Explore Australia’s rich Indigenous Aboriginal arts and culture with our 10 amazing facts… Fact 1: The Indigenous Aboriginal arts and cultures of Australia are the oldest living cultures in the world! One of the reasons they have survived for so long is their ability to adapt to change.


Aboriginal culture dates back as far as between 60,000 to 80,000 years. This is when Aborigine’s first settled in Australia. The first evidence of Aboriginal ethos or philosophy is evident in the still visible rock art which dates back more than 20,000 years. Ochres were used to paint on rocks.


Aboriginal material culture revolved around practical and ritual objects. Craftsmen and women adorned spears, baskets, shields, ritual and ceremonial poles with culturally meaningful patterns. Aboriginals expressed their art with natural materials such as rocks, sand, wood, bark, beeswax, reeds and occasionally bodily fluids.


With creative and storytelling traditions dating back 40,000 years and these ancient practices changing from region to region, the depth and diversity of Aboriginal art is a vivid reminder of the NT’s rich cultural heritage. The region is now home to a staggering number of galleries.


Dreamtime Art - The magic of Australian Aboriginal Art Wildly Refreshing Aboriginal Art Story Discovery this land, this culture, the art of the dreamtime, the creation of an ancient culture still telling their stories in a vibrant and exciting form of art.


Aboriginal Culture There are many Aboriginal cultures and peoples. Aboriginal cultures exist and thrive in a wide range of communities throughout Australia. The Aboriginal people you work with are not all the same—their culture, what they value and hold dear, how they live and make decisions and their relationships are diverse.


Marshall, who holds the Arts and Aboriginal Affairs portfolios, announced he would build the “Australian National Aboriginal Art and Culture Gallery” ahead of the 2018 state election, at the time saying the gallery would be “the jewel in the crown” of the Liberals’ plan for the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site.


ABORIGINAL ART - 1 Aboriginal art is integral to the culture, and often inspired by religious and ceremonial aspects of life. Here are summaries of situations where painted and engraved art have been applied in traditional times, other art forms, and an overview of the main styles of Aboriginal art. Painted and engraved art has been applied to: