Aboriginal art, also known as Australian Indigenous art, is believed to have begun approximately 30,000 years ago. The first art forms completed by the Indigenous people were rock paintings, rock carvings, body paintings... More »

According to Aboriginal Art Online, the most traditional painting material used by Aboriginal peoples was ochre. Mined from various sites, ochre is a rock that varies in texture from crumbly to firm. It gets its color fr... More »

Islamic art is a reflection of how Muslims view the spiritual world and the universe as a whole. The focus of Islamic art is the spiritual representation of objects and living beings, rather than their physical form. More »

Bullfighting has long been a source of controversy, with its proponents claiming it is an art form and an integral part of Spanish culture, while those opposed to it claim it is cruel to the bulls and amounts to torture.... More »

Cultural practices include a broad range of activities, such as religious and spiritual practices, art, medical treatment and customs, diet, interpersonal relationships and child care. Cultural practices vary widely arou... More »

The Centre Pompidou was built because President George Pompidou wanted people of all backgrounds to experience art and culture in Paris. He thought of the idea in 1968, and the project was completed in 1978. More »

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The ancient Greek, or Hellenistic, world after Alexander the Great — comprising regions as diverse as the Middle East (Syria and Persia), North Africa (Egypt), Greece and Macedonia — was broadly unified by its language, ... More »