You can sign up online at for an individual plan to get Delta Dental insurance. Delta Dental is also available through select companies for their employees. Also, organizations such as AARP and Costco off... More »

As of 2015, the AARP dental insurance plan is administered by the Delta Dental Insurance Company, and enrollment in the plan can be done through the company's website. To reach the Delta Dental website's AARP portal from... More »

Retirees enrolled in AARP health insurance can visit the AARP Medicare Plans official site to search by location for providers who accept their insurance plans. AARP endorses UnitedHealthcare, which offers Medicaid Advan... More »

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As of 2015, Delta Dental insurance plan holders can use the Delta Dental Network dentist finder tool to search for a dentist nearest to their location. The tool allows customers to select their dental plan and uses their... More »

Delta Dental's website includes a search tool that allows users to find participating Delta Dental dentists in their areas. To use the tool, users enter their coverage types and locations. Users can also search for a den... More »

Delta Dental's premium plan, known as "Delta Dental Premier," features their largest network of dentists and doctors and coverage that includes a set co-payment for routine visits and a set percentage of shared costs for... More »

The best Delta Dental insurance plan for a particular individual depends on the individual's dental care needs and budget. There are three basic plans available: preferred provider organization plans, or PPOs; dental hea... More »