The purpose of the AAA School Safety Patrol program is to help young children learn how to maintain traffic safety in their capacity as pedestrians. Other benefits include the development of leadership skills, teamwork, ... More » Education K-12

Individuals benefit from AAA driver safety courses by learning defensive driving skills and improving driving behavior, especially when adjusting to age-related physical changes that can affect driving. Drivers can also ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

School uniforms provide several benefits for students, teachers and parents, including reducing distractions in the classroom, eliminating conflicts between parents and children about what to wear to school and even impr... More » Education K-12
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Mobile Patrol is an application developed by Appriss that provides subscribed users with crucial, real time public safety information. Appriss has partnered with law enforcement and public safety agencies, enabling users... More » Technology Mobile

Preschool classroom safety rules should include walking rather than running, cleaning up after oneself, washing hands, being gentle with other children and following instructions. Rules for preschoolers should be kept sh... More » Education K-12

Benefits of starting school later in the day include an improvement in the academic performance of students, better safety for those heading to school and a lower level of exhaustion throughout the day. Numerous scientif... More » Education K-12

Schools are divided when it comes to cellphone usage and the policies on cellphone use in schools differ from school to school with many favoring cellphone use for kid's safety and others believing that cellphones are di... More » Education K-12