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A polygenic trait can have many possible genotypes and . phenotypes.


A polygenic trait can have... a. many possible genotypes, but few possible phenotypes. b. many possible genotypes, producing many possible phenotypes.


The phenotype of a polygenic trait can often be expressed as a. Bell Curve. A polygenic trait ... A population of finches that have small and big beaks. disruptive .


And this is why you get differences between parents and children in skin color, although they tend to resemble one another. Polygenic traits are quite different ...


Dec 6, 2016 ... Answer. 4.7/5. 26. mpanderla95. Virtuoso. 3K answers. 8.4M people helped. I believe the correct response would be D. A polygenic trait encodes ...


You may have noticed that tall parents can have a short child, short parents can ... Looking at a real example of a human polygenic trait would get complicated, ...


____ 7. The phenotypes for a typical polygenic trait can often be expressed as ... 2. ____ 8. Compared to a polygenic trait, a single-gene trait tends to have.


One polygenic trait can have many possible genotypes and phenotypes. Height in humans is a polygenic trait. Copyright Pearson Prentice Hall. End Show. 16-1  ...


It can also be used to describe the available forms of a trait. ... Polygenic traits also have dominant and recessive alleles, but so many genes play a role in an ...


May 3, 2020 ... Does this type of fitness have anything to do with natural selection? ... It shows how natural selection can keep a harmful allele in a gene pool. ... Natural sel...