The speaker in Walt Whitman's poem, "A Noiseless, Patient Spider," is reflecting on his soul, using a spider as a metaphor. He is telling of when he watched an isolated spider working to make connections around him by sp... More »

While most poets use some degree of metaphor in their works, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson are widely recognizable examples. An example of such metaphor usage is Dickinson's "Hope," in which she c... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

A pioneer of American poetry, Walt Whitman broke with traditional poetic conventions of rhyme and meter to specialize in free verse. His aim was to authentically capture American experience, which he did by eschewing pre... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Some critics think Walt Whitman used free verse in a deliberate attempt to create a unique style of writing that blends journalism with music, oratory, and other cultural influences to transform American poetry. Other cr... More »

The theme of Walt Whitman's poem "Oh Captain, My Captain" is the death of President Abraham Lincoln just as the Civil War ends. The themes of mourning the death of the one who was the captain of the ship (the nation) and... More »

One example of connotation in a poem is a metaphor such as "shall I compare thee to a summer's day" from Shakespeare's Sonnet 18. Connotation refers to the meaning implied by a word or words. More »

"Air Castles," written by American poet Patricia Gale, tells of the speaker of the poem's hope of one day finding the love of their life. The narrator daydreams about this future lover while staring into a fire at midnig... More »