Some good nicknames for boys include Alfie, Archie, Benno, Cal and Chaz. Other popular nicknames for boys include Dash, Gus, Jax, Kit and Mac, as well as Ned and Nico. More » Education

A boy's nickname can be a shorter version of his full name, such as "Sly" for Sylvester. It can also tell something about his interests. For example, he may call himself "Slugger" because he likes to play baseball. More »

Some common Indian nicknames include Golu, Shona, Piya, Monu and Titu. Some other nicknames are Gudda, which means "boy doll," and Gudiya, which means "girl doll." More » Education

Some of the most popular vintage baby names for boys include Emmett, Archibald (or the diminutive Archie), Calvin, Elias, Rudy, Rufus, Frank and Felix. Vintage baby names have returned to favor among parents looking for ... More » Education

Some Spanish nicknames include Nacho, Pepe, Chava and Nando. Some Spanish nicknames are straight-forward shortenings of longer common names, while others are creative reworkings of the original name. Some are of obscure ... More »

While it is impossible to have an objectively "cool" nickname, as they are quite subjective in nature, experimenting with shortening one's existing name or deriving a nickname from an inside joke or event are good places... More »

Nicknames for a great-grandmother include Gran, Granny, Mammaw, Nana and Mimma. To avoid confusion, choose a nickname for a great-grandma that is different than the nicknames given to the child's other grandmothers or gr... More »