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Marginalized people exist in all places including rural, suburban, and urban areas. They cross all socio-economic, racial, religious, lifestyle, and cultural groups. All of us share in the equal opportunity of our lives changing despite having an education, money, beauty, and success. In urban areas marginalized people have some identified options.


A marginalized community is a group that’s confined to the lower or peripheral edge of the society. Such a group is denied involvement in mainstream economic, political, cultural and social activities.


8 marginalized groups still fighting for the freedom to vote in the U.S. Share. ... barriers in voting access threaten the rights of some of the most marginalized groups in American society. Often ...


Marginalize definition is - to relegate to an unimportant or powerless position within a society or group. How to use marginalize in a sentence. marginalized Writing vs. marginalized People


Marginalization is the treatment of a person, group, or concept as insignificant or peripheral. History books are filled with various citations of discrimination against the marginalized groups including the scheduled tribes, scheduled caste, the disabled and women where they were explicitly denied hygienic water, nutritious food and a safe place to sleep in.


Microaggressions can be based upon any group that is marginalized in this society. Religion, disability, and social class may also reflect the manifestation of microaggressions.


Marginalization, according to Toporek (2006), is the process through which a particular group or individual is denied access to basic amenities, position, religion, symbols of economy, or political influence in any society. A marginalized group may be either a minority group or the group that constitutes the majority.


Social exclusion is the process in which individuals are blocked from (or denied full access to) various rights, opportunities and resources that are normally available to members of a different group, and which are fundamental to social integration and observance of human rights within that particular group (e.g., housing, employment ...


“Why some people feel more comfortable in the “margin” of society, may simply be that it imparts them more breathing space, shores up their identity, embodies a gateway to self-determination, and confers them a sense of sovereignty, allowing more time for stressless apprehension and thoughtful reflection.


Marginalization of women in the society has also resulted into reduced number of female role models within our communities. In extreme cases, women who are leadership positions may also be demoted or dismissed from their employments without any solid reason.