There is a song that can help a person to learn the German alphabet. Similar to the English alphabet song, the song provides the correct pronunciation for the 26 German letters. More » Education

BBC offers a free downloadable MP3 file that gives phonetic pronunciations for each letter and umlaut in the German language. Video sharing websites such as YouTube also have user-generated guides to the German language. More » Education

Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and Porche are all German car manufacturers. According to All Cars Brands, Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW are the top three brand. Each manufactures a wide range of vehicles, from minis ... More »

A helpful way for students to learn and memorize the Hebrew alphabet is to teach them through song. In addition, it is important to have a visual aid of the alphabet, such as a colorful poster, while practicing the song ... More » Education

The Chinese writing system is vastly different from the English alphabet. Chinese uses symbols that represent concepts in place of letters used, as in English to represent a sound. Pinyin is a Chinese system used to tran... More » Education

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, consisting of 21 consonants and five vowels. The English alphabet derives from the Latin alphabet that is used in many languages around the world. More »

Books are important for several reasons: they allow children and adults to learn and understand the alphabet, achieve a minimal standard of literacy and help people understand their roles in society. Some books have char... More »