K-Mart store closings are announced mainly on their social media sites, store signs, and through local news. When a large numberof stores are slated to close, the Sears Holdings Corporation releases a list to major news ... More »

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U.S. retailers that closed large numbers of stores or announced closures in 2014 include Office Depot and its affiliate Office Max, with 400 closures planned to take place in the lead up to 2016. Discount store Family Do... More »

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As of 2014, Sears Holdings, which owns and operates Kmart and Sears retail stores, has closed over 200 Kmart and Sears locations due to increasing financial losses as a result of declining sales figures. The two retailer... More »

A closing K-Mart store usually takes two to three months to go through liquidation. Kmart announced in early 2016 that it was closing 27 stores that would begin liquidating Jan. 24 and last through April. Similar liquida... More »

Kmart has closed more than 300 stores since 2011, taking the total number of stores from more than 1,300 to only 979 as of January 1, 2015. The Kmart closings are part of a larger cost-saving effort from Sears Holdings, ... More »

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Local school closings appear on a school district's website, local news websites and sites like Cancellations.com. Many schools post the news to social media like Facebook and Twitter and alert parents via email and text... More »

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A complete list of stores open on Christmas Day may be available from local news outlets on their websites, in addition to sites like GOBankingRates and the Huffington Post. Store hours may vary by geographic location, a... More »