Girls get their first periods during puberty, typically between the ages of 10 and 15, with age 12 being the average, explains KidsHealth. Girls usually begin menstruating about two years after they begin developing brea... More » Health Women's Health Menstruation

The first signs of a girl getting her period are breast development, pubic hair growth and clear discharge, according to TeensHealth. Breast development is one of the first signs of puberty in girls, beginning about two ... More » Health Women's Health Menstruation

A period is what happens at the end of a girl's menstrual cycle, the body's process of preparing for a possible pregnancy. Girls begin having periods approximately monthly once they reach childbearing age, usually betwee... More »

Most girls get their first periods around age 12, but some may begin as early as age 8, notes Mayo Clinic. Doctors cannot predict with certainty when girls begin menstruation, but it generally happens between two and thr... More » Health Women's Health Menstruation

Books that describe puberty in girls with illustrations include "The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls" and "Ready, Set, Grow! A What's Happening to My Body Book for Younger Girls," according to More » Health Women's Health Menstruation

A woman can swim during a period by a using tampon to avoid bleeding on the swimsuit, as stated by KidsHealth. Some women may be tempted to use pads, which may not be effective while swimming. More »

Symptoms of a girl's first period include red or dark brown bloody vaginal discharge, breast tenderness, stomach cramps and moodiness, explains KidsHealth. Six months before a girl gets her first period, she may notice c... More »