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A temperature of 96 degrees F doesn't necessarily mean you're sick, says Daniel Allen, DO, from West Valley Medical Group - Middleton. In this video, he says that some people's temperatures just run a bit lower (without any additional symptoms).


What Causes Low Body Temperature of 96-to-97 Degrees Fahrenheit? Some causes of slightly lower-than-usual body temperature include infections, heavy alcohol use and hypothyroidism. Occasional low temperatures are common because body temperature changes throughout the day, notes Mayo Clinic.


My temperature is 96.6 and im very lethargic, what does that mean? Dr. Prem Gupta, Maharshi Dayanand University P.T. Blagwat Dayal Sharma Medical College Answered Jan. 26, 2014 46 years experience in Neurology See your PCP. Your symptoms and slightly low temperature most likely are unrelated. However your pcp can do examination and some blood ...


If your temperature has suddenly changed and is at 96.6 like you say, this could be a sign of hypothyroidism and should be taken very seriously. Continue to monitor your temperature and report your findings to your doctor if the low temperature should continue. Never ever think something is normal if it is out of the ordinary for YOU.


A body temperature higher than your normal range is a fever. It’s hypothermia when the body temperature dips too low. Both need to be watched. Fever.


Often, a lower than average body temperature taken in the am before moving around is referred to as your basal body temperature, “BBT,” this is related to your electrical system and how you conduct energy within as well as your thermostat, your Thyroid gland, hormones and so, also, your minerals, diet and trace elements.


Q. I am 82 years old and in good health. At my regular doctor visits, my temperature has been around 96.5° F. Is that too low? A. Normal body temperature is not a single number, but rather a range of temperatures. The average normal body temperature — measured using an oral thermometer, or now more commonly with an infrared thermometer passed across the forehead — is 98.6° F (37° C).


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Letourneau on body temperature of 96 degrees: Mbt = 0.64. Tcore + 0.36. Tskin.


Is 96.5 Considered Too Low for Body Temperature? Although 96.5 degrees Fahrenheit falls in the low end of normal body temperature range, it is not considered too low, according to Mayo Clinic. Normal body temperature for adults can be as low as 95 degrees Fahrenheit, according to WebMD.


96.6 degrees Fahrenheit = 35.8 degrees Celsius. The normal core body temperature of a healthy, resting adult human being is stated to be at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.0 degrees celsius.