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Nine-volt batteries produce 400 to 500 milliampere-hours at 8 milliamperes. Ampere-hour is a unit of battery capacity, while amperes measure electric current. An ampere-hour measures the amount of electric current a battery can supply in one hour before exhausting its s...


The longest-lasting disposable batteries available in 2015, according to WiseBread, include Duracell Quantum and Duracell CopperTop. Energizer Ultimate Lithium is also a highly rated battery brand, but lithium batteries do not perform as well as alkaline batteries for s...


The average 12-volt automotive battery powers a 250-watt bulb for 3.36 hours. Typical automotive batteries have about 70 amp-hours of capacity, and therefore have 12V � 70Ah = 840 watt-hours of capacity, and 840 watt-hours � 250 watts = 3.36.


According to Techlib, battery life is calculated by dividing the capacity by the actual load current. The capacity of a 9-volt battery is 500 milliampere hours, and its load current is 15 milliamperes. Therefore, it has a 33-hour battery life.


The word "bulb" has several meanings, all of which refer, or originally referred, to an object with a round shape. There is no difference in pronunciation between these meanings.


3.6-volt lithium batteries are commonly used for wireless alarms in home security systems, memory backup in computers and other small electronics, bar code scanners in retail environments, calculators and military applications. Unlike secondary lithium batteries found i...


To get a flashlight on your Apple smartphone, go into the Control Center to enable the flashlight setting. For an android phone, you must download a flashlight app.