A 9-line UXO report is a document with nine blank fields, or sections, for reporting an unexploded ordnance (UXO). UXO is any form of explosive or ammunition that has failed to detonate as intended. The report is used to... More »

Marine military occupational specialty fields are diverse, and include Personnel and Administration, Communications, Field Artillery, Linguist, Legal Service, Electronics Maintenance, Ground Ordnance Maintenance and Infa... More » Government & Politics Military

Veteran usually refers to a person who served in the military or armed forces, particularly in times of war or conflict, but can also denote someone with extensive experience in other fields, roles or positions. The term... More »

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Hanscom Air Force Base is located in Bedford, Massachusetts with sections extending into the towns of Concord and Lincoln. It is home to the 66th Air Base Group and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, which is re... More » Government & Politics Military

A DD Form 214 is a report of separation that the U.S. Defense Department issues to veterans specifying the manner of their discharge, reports Veterans and their next of kin are able to obtain DD Forms 214 by s... More » Government & Politics Military

The military form DD-214 is a report of separation between a member of the military and the military branch, according to the National Archives at St. Louis. A military person receives a DD-2141 during active duty or aft... More » Government & Politics Military

U.S. Navy cruise books are yearbook-style unofficial logs that document the informal story of the ship and the people who served aboard the vessel. U.S. Navy cruise books are not officially sponsored by the U.S. Navy and... More » Government & Politics Military