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As of 2015, some tips for finding third-grade math printables include visiting Education.com, K5Learning.com and HomeschoolMath.net. Each of these websites offer free printable worksheets that highlight a variety of math concepts.


Eighth grade students spend much time on Pythagorean Theorem problems, which require the formula a^2 + b^2 = c^2 to solve for the length of one side of a right triangle when given the lengths of the other two sides. If two sides of a triangle are 2 inches and 4 inches, one uses the formula 2^2 + 4^2


Some common eight grade math notes include how to convert decimals to fractions, how to write fractions as repeating decimals and how to approximate irrational numbers. Khan Academy states that 8th grade math focuses on learning algebra and getting exposure to foundational geometry concepts.


One example is the following: If two hockey pucks and three hockey sticks cost $23, while five pucks and one stick cost $20, how much does one puck cost? The answer is $3.50.


Websites that offer free, printable math problems include MathIsFun.com, Math-Drills.com, SoftSchools.com, Education.com and MathBlaster.com. The available worksheets cover a large variety of skills from elementary to high school levels.


Printable math worksheets for different grade levels can be found on teaching websites such as MathWorksheetsLand.com, Teach-nology.com and CommonCoreSheets.com. These websites usually offer free basic worksheets but a fee is required for their advanced and more challenging ones.


The math topics covered in eighth grade are determined, with some degree of variation, by the individual school district. In general, eighth grade math covers the topics of algebra and geometry with an emphasis on word problems and the introduction of mathematical formulas. Practice questions can be


SuperTeacherWorksheets.com, Education.com and TheTeachersCorner.net all publish printable math sheets. These sites offer thousands of free math sheets for all grade levels that cover many math concepts.


Most printable math worksheets available though various math homework websites include two printable pages on the same web page. One is a worksheet with math problems, and the second page contains the answers to the worksheet.


With thousands of websites dedicated to helping math students achieve academic success, the Internet serves as an alternative to obtaining printable worksheets. In addition, many websites offer creative ideas that can be implemented at home or in the classroom without the use of worksheets.