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Examples of eighth-grade science projects include determining if tea and coffee stains teeth and examining the principles of flight using kites. Many eight grade students also complete a science project that requires the student to create a levitating orb.


Science projects for eighth graders are designed to encourage students to conduct independent studies with original research. The science projects teach students to employ rigorous scientific controls, graph data and apply statistical analysis to the project. The level ...


Ideas for 8th grade level science fair projects include: discovering the effect soap has on plants, how air temperature and humidity effect soap bubbles and how much plant food is best for plants. Each project has its own set of steps to follow.


A good 8th grade science experiment should center around use of the scientific method, particularly if the project will be graded or displayed at a science fair. A topic that interests the student can lead to a positive experiment experience.


Some science projects suitable for grade five students include making potato power, making electricity, causing a chemical reaction, creating a bottle tornado and throwing marshmallows, according to Education.com. Other projects cover experiments with quicksand and grow...


One idea for a good third-grade science project is to test how smell affects taste by having 15 volunteers taste various pieces of fruit. For the first round, they'll be blindfolded, the second round they'll have their noses plugged and the third round they'll be blindf...


Good science projects for grade 5 students include projects experimenting with magnets, determining heat capacity of different substances, composting scrap foods and dissecting a bean seed, according to Education.com. Other potential projects may study taste perception,...