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The best 800 number directory is the Internet 800 Directory. It is used by millions of people each year to search for and locate toll free numbers for products and services. It was founded in 1995 by DIANCO, who also created the first Web-based Yellow Pages.


Telephone directories can only list landline telephone numbers because those phone numbers are a matter of public record. Cell phone numbers, however, are not considered public records, and websites or services offering by-name look-ups for cell phone numbers are either...


The vast majority of cell phone numbers are not listed in free phone number directories. This is because cell phone numbers are maintained and distributed by individual cell service providers rather than an interconnected network of phone companies the way land line num...


A reverse phone directory for 800 and other toll-free numbers is available online on ReversePhoneLookup.com. YP and 800Notes provide reverse phone directories for all area codes, including toll-free area codes.


The White Pages offers extensive phone number directories in off-line and online formats. Visit WhitePages.com to search for business and personal contact information or request a physical phone book by visiting MyDirectories.YP.com.


The National Cellular Director is a directory of cell phone listings. Because cell phone companies are unable to provide the numbers of their customers, the list only contains the information of those who volunteer their numbers for the listings.


A quick keyword search on most major search engines offers numerous reliable online 800 number directories. Directories are available as lists or easily searchable databases. If you prefer printed media, most phone books contain local 800-number directories and truncate...