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Whitepages.com provides a reverse phone number lookup feature for 800 numbers in addition to most other landline numbers. Other websites, such as WhoCallsMe.com, provide listings of user-submitted numbers along with user comments about each number.


A bar-code number look-up is done differently, depending on if you are shopping or going online to get information for a bar-code at a website. When you shop, clerks use bar-code readers or scanners to quickly transfer the price of an item and other product information to a cash register.


First, go to the website World-Airport-Codes.com. Once you have entered the site, type the name of the airport you are looking for into the Search box. Alternatively, enter the city in which the airport is located.


Looking up a Standard Industrial Classification code can be done on the siccode.com website. Type the code, company name or product type in the search box on the home screen, and then click the magnifying glass to search the database.


Canada Post offers free postal code lookups on its website. Users can find the postal code by typing the Canadian address, rural route, General Delivery, civic number or P.O. Box in its Find a Postal Code search box.


The United States Postal Service has a ZIP code lookup link on its website, USPS.com. The site has tools to find a specific ZIP code for an address and a reverse lookup to find all cities with a certain ZIP code.


An area code is a three-digit number that identifies the geographic area where a phone number is assigned. The United States, Canada and specific Caribbean countries have area codes.


As of 2015, some area codes in the United States include 213, 212, 312 and 404. Major cities covered by these codes include Los Angeles, California; New York, Chicago and Illinois, along with Atlanta and Georgia.


Find telephone area codes on AllAreaCodes.com and 50States.com. Area codes are three-digit numbers that precede phone numbers in the United States and other countries and used when making long-distance telephone calls.


Area codes may be found by supplying a phone number, existing area code, or city and state on AllAreaCodes.com. An interactive area code map is also available via Verizon Support.