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When it comes to literature which can be classified as general fiction, there are several different types of “genres” which one might encounter. Here, we will identify and define the major types of genre in fiction which students encounter in their schoolwork, as well as provide works of literature which may serve as examples.


The two main types of fiction are literary and commercial.. Commercial fiction attracts a broad audience and may also fall into any subgenre, like mystery, romance, legal thriller, western, science fiction, and so on. For example, The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller (Warner, 1992) was a hugely successful commercial novel because the book described the fulfillment of a romantic ...


Writing Class Notes: 8 Types Of Fiction. ... In reading the description of each type of fiction, I am leaning toward it being a novella or short story. Novel - An extended piece of fiction, normally at least 40,000 words long. Most novels have multiple characters, a central plot building up to an important climax near the end, and two or more ...


The only reference to 8 types of fiction I found is the title of one of the chapters in "1818 Ways to Write Better and Get Published" by Scott Edelstein. Sounds like something the author made up -- which doesn't mean it's not useful or important.


Fiction generally is a narrative form, in any medium, consisting of people, events, or places that are imaginary—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact. In its most narrow usage, fiction refers to written narratives in prose and often specifically novels, though also novellas and short stories.More broadly, fiction has come to encompass stories with imaginary elements in any ...


The type of fiction that gets the most attention these days, the novel, is the longest of the three types of fiction. From Harry Potter to War and Peace , these are generally the books with lots ...


Subsets of genres, known as common genres (or sub-genres), have developed from the types of genres in written expression. Classic – fiction that has become part of an accepted literary canon, widely taught in schools; Comics/graphic novel – comic magazine or book based on a sequence of pictures (often hand-drawn) and words; Contemporary – living or occurring at the same time


Here I’m going to explain the different types of fiction in a way that (hopefully) won’t make your head explode like mine used to (and still does sometimes). Drabble. Let’s start with the shortest! A drabble is a piece of fiction under 100 words. Vignette.


In fiction writing, the language an author uses supports the basic story elements, like setting. Diction helps establish when and where a story is set by using language native to that time and place. This is called colloquial diction. ... There are eight common types of diction: Formal diction. Formal diction is the use of sophisticated ...


A previous post detailed synonyms for story.This entry defines words identifying various genres — categories of story types — and similar terms: 1. Adventure fiction: stories in which characters are involved in dangerous and/or exhilarating exploits. 2.