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All living organisms respond to stimuli, grow and change, reproduce to create offspring, maintain a stable body temperature, metabolize energy, consist of one or more cells, and pass on their individual genetic traits. For something to be classified scientifically as a ...


Living things have the following six characteristics that define life: they are made of cells, they use energy, they grow, they reproduce, they respond to their environment and they self-regulate. A seventh characteristic is often added to the list, which is that living...


Term life insurance covers an individual over a specific period of time at a fixed rate of payment in case of death. When the term ends, coverage is terminated unless the policy is renewed or replaced by a new policy.


Life during the Middle Ages was characterized by feudalism, power of the Catholic church and war between Christianity and Islam. People who lived during these times also had to deal with unsanitary conditions and rampant disease.


The Ford Flathead V-8 is a side-valve mono-block design with a cast steel crankcase. It features a simple crankshaft with three main bearings and a complex exhaust passage route. The Ford Flathead was the first mass-produced engine to pour the block and cylinder assembl...


Culture is defined by attributes such as social sharing, religion, history, language, economics, arts, music and government. These characteristics affect how people live their lives in the Western culture, Eastern culture, in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.


The factors of the number 8 are 1, 2, 4 and 8. Since the number is divisible by more than 1 and itself, it is not a prime number.