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FIFA World Cup™ FIFA Tournaments; Live Scores ... Laws of the game for small sided formats. Dimensions of the pitch - football pitches Formats and duration Equipment and environment Dimensions of the pitch - football pitches. 9 v 9 Minimum: 45 m x 60 m Maximum: 50 m x 67 m. 7 v 7 Minimum: 30 m x 45 m ...

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7v7 and 9v9 Field Dimensions and Markings In addition to the markings shown below for 7v7 and 9v9 fields, teams must be on the same side of the field, ½ of the field for each team. Spectators must be on the other side of the field from the teams and must be across the field from their team. Spectators may not cross the mid-field line.


(b) In tournament play, if the game is still tied after overtime periods, FIFA "Kicks from the Penalty Mark" rules apply to determine the winner. Section 2 . (a) Except as provided by US Youth Soccer and its State Associations, the length of games and ball size for each age group shall be as follows:


Official matches and league games have specific soccer field dimensions that must be used to mark out the pitch before playing. The length and width of the pitch needs to follow the FIFA Laws of the Game and the lines for the penalty area, six yard box, and halfway line all need to be correctly marked.. With penalty spots, a centre circle, and the penalty arcs also to be added in…


With the Fall Season quickly approaching, youth soccer across the nation is preparing to transition to small sided games as mandated by US Soccer. Small sided games will encourage an environment of constant play, allowing more opportunities for tactical decision making and touches on the ball. All players will benefit from these changes, but change …


club competition matches, the surface must meet the requirements of the FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf or the International Artificial Turf Standard, unless special dispensation is given by FIFA. Field markings The field of play must be rectangular and marked with lines. These lines belong to the areas of which they are boundaries.


The official dimensions of a soccer field for different age levels (u5 - u14), different formats (3v3 to 7v7) and different regulations (FIFA, MLS, Futsal)


• Each team will field 6 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper. • Players are allowed to be of either gender. This is not a coed-rec league. • Field size will be 100 x 180 feet . Goal size will be 6’x12’. • All game rules, unless specified in this document, will be in accordance with FIFA, international governing body of soccer.


ON THE FIELD) 2.2. A team must notify the referee on all substitutions. No player may come onto the field without permission of the referee. 2.3. Either team may substitute und er the following conditions: A. On either team’s goal kick or their own throw-in or their own corner kick. B. When a player has been injured, and only for the injured ...

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THE BALL – Size: #4 regulation Ball NUMBER OF PLAYERS – 7/9 including GK Minimum Number of Players to Start Match: 5/7, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper Maximum Game Roster: 14(7v7), 16(9v9) FOULS AND MISCONDUCT – FIFA Rules All the Free Kicks are INDIRECT. Penalty Kicks will only be used for tie-breakers – Final/Consolation