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The Boeing 737-800 is a short-to-medium range airplane manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The 737-800 is a twin engine propulsion airplane that features 162 seats in the two class version and 189 seats in the one class version.


SeatGuru.com offers online seating maps for Boeing 737s and other aircraft, as of 2015. Four different versions of the aircraft are mapped on the site, including the Boeing 737 V1, V2, V2 Econ Plus and V4 Micronesia.


The seating arrangements of a Boeing 737 are available online at SeatGuru.com, which supplies many different arrangements based on the airline and the type of 737. All of the arrangements have at least 120 non-first-class seats, and they have at least two bathrooms.


SeatGuru.com has seating layouts for Boeing 737s. A traveler can find the aircraft's layout for an upcoming flight by entering the flight number, airline and travel date. Individual airline websites, such as American Airlines, also have seating charts for the airline's specific Boeing 737 model.


In one version of the Boeing 737 700, there are 12 seats in first class. There are three rows of seats made of four seats each. Each pair of seats is separated by the aisle. They are designated A,B, E and F.


In general, the safest seats on a Boeing 737 are the ones towards the back of the plane. Analysis of airplane crashes that occurred between 1971 and 2007 and had both fatalities and survivors showed that the majority of crash survivors were sitting in the back third of the plane.


A 2015 report compiled by Time magazine found that the safest seats in a commercial airplane such as the Boeing 737-800 are middle seats in the rear of the aircraft. The authors based the study on a compilation of crash survival data from a 15-year period.


On all 737 aircraft produced since 1969, Boeing uses hydraulic thrust reversers to change the direction of the exhaust. This creates a force against forward motion to slow the aircraft. The hydraulic system replaces the earlier pneumatic system used by the manufacturer.


Some of the interior features of the Boeing 737-800 include a seating capacity of 154 passengers with a standard seat pitch of 31 inches in Economy class, 37 inches in Economy Plus and 38 inches in First Class. These aircraft have three lavatories: one in the front-end of the aircraft and an additio


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