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Best Answer: When God appeared unto Noah after the flood, and placed a rainbow in the sky; he did much more than show him a phenomenon. In the seven colors, beginning with red and ending with purple, God was displaying a natural miracle that demonstrated the complete redemption of man.


We also know that a rainbow is symbolic of God’s promise. We take each of God’s redemptive names as promises. Could it be that there is some correlation between these seven aspects of God’s nature, and the seven colors of the rainbow? Revelation says that there’s a rainbow around God’s throne.


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The rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon; knowing the significance of each of the colors of the rainbow makes it even more beautiful. While Nature or God has created this glorious natural phenomenon; philosophers have given a meaning to its colors. Every rainbow has seven colors beginning with red and ending with violet or purple.


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Questions & Answers. The colors of the rainbow. First posted: September 25, 2006 . Question. I heard it preached that there was a correlation between the colors of the rainbow and spiritual gifts (and/or fruit of the Spirit). What would that be? Answer . The 7 Spirits of God. There are 7 colors in the rainbow.


Rainbow God 11 knowing that it will especially mean something to you by the end of the book. However you ended up with this book in your hands, we pray


And it got me thinking about the a major difference between God’s rainbow and the counterfeit LGBT Pride rainbow symbol. God’s rainbow, the one that He set in the sky as a sign to Noah, has 7 observable colors in it – red, orange. yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo.


VISION: I saw the table of contents in a book and my eye dropped to Chapter Two, The Seven Spirits of God. 7 SPIRITS OF GOD COLORS . Revelation 4:2-5 And immediately I was in the spirit; and, behold, a throne was ... and there was a rainbow round about the throne, ...


An observation about the gay pride flag is that it contains 6 colored stripes, not 7. 6 is the spiritual number of Satan while 7 is the number of completion, a number of God. The gay pride flag’s colors are ROY G BV, which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Missing from the gay pride flag is the color indigo.