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In religious or mythological cosmology, the seven heavens refer to seven levels or divisions of Heaven. The concept, derived from ancient Mesopotamian religions, can be found in the Abrahamic religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity; a similar concept is also found in some Indian religions such as Hinduism.


– The 10 Heavens of the 2nd Book of Enoch – The apocryphal text commonly referred to as the 2nd Book of Enoch, or the Book of the Secrets of Enoch, contains a surprisingly traditional view of both the Judeo-Christian Kingdom of Heaven and its Angelic inhabitants.This is in spite of the fact that this particular Book has been lost for nearly 1,200 years.


What Are the Seven Levels of Heaven? ... 2 Enoch, which relates Enoch's journey through the heavens. Some of these heavens are described as being like natural features, such as Vilon, or curtain, which is the veil that hides the other heavens from human view. Another example is Zebul, or habitation, which is the place of the celestial bodies.


Here are those Seven Heavens. ... Each Heaven or “ ss-samawat ” consisting of seven levels, the first and ... Fanuel (Penuel) are introduced as "the four angels of the face of the Lord."In Enoch, lxxi. 7-13, these four stand near the crystal throne of God, which, encircled by fire, is surrounded by the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Ofanim. ...


Islam's Seven Heavens Islam adopted the idea of seven heavens from apocryphal Jewish writings. In Islam, the word for heaven is garden. It is a place where all wishes will be fulfilled. The levels are separated by gates which can be opened if the person observed certain rituals on earth, such as jihad, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage to Mecca.


There are not seven levels of heaven according to the bible. Paul spoke of one taken to the third heaven. To the Greeks there are three heavens: the sky and the clouds is one; the stars and the planets comprise the second heaven; the third heaven is where God's throne is.


– Seven Levels of Heavens, Reference.com. According to the Legends of the Jews, by Louis Ginzberg, Eden alone contains 310 separate worlds along with ‘seven compartments for seven different classes of the pious’. In some later versions of the 2nd Book of Enoch, ten levels are mentioned instead of the traditional Seven Heavens.


6 Methosalam and his brethren, all the sons of Enoch, made haste, and erected an altar at that place called Achuzan, whence and where Enoch had been taken up to heaven. 7 And they took sacrificial oxen and summoned all people and sacrificed the sacrifice before the Lord’s face.


Are Enoch and Elijah in heaven? Is there life on other planets? ... Note that Paul is not stating there are levels of heaven but rather that he was taken to the third of a sequence of three (logically implying that a first and second domains exist). In review, God tells us in His word that He indeed made three separate and distinct heavenly ...


In Islamic teachings, there are 7 levels of Heaven as well, they are levels of spiritual attainment, not actually Heaven itself. In Judaism, there are levels of Heaven, but I don't know how many, and it pertains more to the definitions of Heaven than actual levels or floors in Heaven.