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The date that clocks are turned back for Daylight Savings Time changes each year. In 2018, the day to turn the clocks back is Nov. 4. The day to turn the clocks forward an hour is be March 11, 2018.


Official U.S. time from the Master Clock at the U.S. Naval Observatory is posted by zone on the Navy's time service website. This time is used by the Department of Defense and GPS Network. The exact time is also available at the National Institute of Standards and Technology website.


Typically, early morning and late evening are some of the best times to fish according to solunar charts that have been used by fishermen for decades. However, local weather conditions and patterns, as well as tidal influences, can affect the quality of the fishing.


Good times during the day for fishing are dependent on the particular season. With the first signs of spring in the early morning, fish are not biting because the water temperature is still cold.


WebMD claims there is no evidence showing that calories are burned more efficiently at any specific time of day. Because time of day can influence people's emotions regarding exercise, however, it's important for each person to establish a habit of exercising at the same time every day.


In 6 days, God created day and night, sky and the sea, vegetation and the land, stars, moon and the sun, sea creatures including birds and the fish, mankind and animals, and on the seventh day, God rested. This can be read from the Bible in the book of Genesis 1:1-31, and Genesis 2:1-3.


The best time of day to take vitamins is first thing in the morning. According to the New Health Guide, taking vitamins first thing in the morning ensures best absorption.


According to Universe Today, the moon is visible in the daytime because of its reflectivity and because the moon's orbit does not always keep it on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun. When the moon and sun are in the sky together, the reflected light from the moon's surface is enough to mak


In general, most adult dogs should eat twice a day, with their first meals around 7 a.m. and their second meals around 6p.m. The precise ideal time to feed a dog depends on the breed and age of the animal.


According to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the time of day affects the body temperature through a physiological phenomenon called circadian rhythm. The UCLA Sleep Disorders Center explains this cycle is controlled by small nuclei in the brain, called the suprachiasmatic nuclei,