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Attributes of a person are characteristics he has that shape his behavior. Attributes can be considered positive or negative or can vary depending on the person. In psychology, personality types are determined by five factors, each of which involves specific attributes. These factors are openness, c


The existence of spirits has not been substantiated by any scientific study or viable proof as of 2015. Nevertheless, a large portion of society continues to believe in the existence of spirits.


It's often possible to see spirits by looking for sparkles of light, shadows, apparitions or and fuzzy air in your peripheral vision. Most people sense spirits before they see them, but paying attention to these visual clues can help you better perceive and identify the presence of spiritual energy.


Honesty, ability to delegate, confidence and commitment are some attributes of a good leader. Great leaders share such attributes and that leads to the success of their teams.


High integrity is one of the primary attributes of professional character. In addition, people with professional character normally dress appropriately to their professions, exhibit an optimistic attitude, and are reliable, accountable, organized and poised.


Some desirable computer attributes include compactness, making the computer suitable for users with limited space, low price, particularly for computers intended only for media playback and Web browsing, and the inclusion of additional connection ports such as HDMI and USB 3.0. For laptops, desirabl


Ghost boxes, spirit boards, tea leaf readings and digital handheld recorders are popular methods mediums use for spirit communication. Whether or not these methods work remains open to interpretation.


Find your spirit animal by considering your natural affinity for certain animals, meditating and analyzing your dreams. Also known as a power animal, a spirit animal is guiding force that empowers and guides an individual.


There is no solid proof that dogs can see spirits or supernatural entities. However, many people believe the animals do have a sixth sense.


Some attributes associated with God in the Bible are omniscience, eternity, holiness, sovereignty and wisdom. Other qualities attributed to God include justice, love, mercy, omnipotence and omnipresence.