When following the cabbage soup diet seven day plan, a multi-vitamin is recommended by Catherine at the Cabbage-Soup-Diet website. Healthline reports a multi-vitamin is encouraged, although the creator of this diet is un... More »

It is possible to lose some weight on the seven-day cabbage soup diet, states Mayo Clinic, because it restricts calories and nutrients. There are no statistics available for average weight loss on the diet. More »

The Dolly Parton cabbage soup diet is a diet designed to help people lose water weight in seven days. The diet was not created by Dolly Parton, and the singer claims that she knew nothing about it until she saw it in a m... More »

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Although some additional foods other than the cabbage soup that is the staple of the plan can be added to the cabbage soup diet, there are no recipes to make, since the foods are just single foods that are added daily, n... More »

The cabbage soup diet is a seven-day plan that encourages dieters to consume as much cabbage soup as they like when hungry, as well as specific foods over the course of the week. Additionally, dieters should use a multiv... More »

There are many variations of the recipe for the cabbage soup diet, but most use black pepper with either a bit of salt, lemon juice or balsamic vinegar to spice up the dish. Some recipes use dried onion soup mix or fresh... More »

In general, individuals on the cabbage soup diet may lose up to 10 pounds over the duration of the seven-day program. An individual may lose more weight or less weight depending on her body type and metabolism. More »