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Math problems for 6th grade include calculating surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms, solving area and circumference of a circle and area of triangles. Parallelograms, trapezoids and triangle angles are also math problems for the grade. Others are ordering fract...


Some examples of sixth grade math problems include problems involving coordinate graphs, such as graphing the points -1 and -7 on a coordinate plane. Sixth graders are also expected to manipulate fraction problems, such as dividing 1/3 by 1/2 and writing the answer as a...


The most important techniques for practicing for mathematics in 6th grade are studying material continuously, not just on the last day before the exam, according to Paul's Online Math Notes. Also, reworking homework problems and taking practice exams helps. Additionally...


Purchase the Math Makes Sense Grade 6 Answer Key directly from Pearson School Canada's website. The Teacher's Edition and Student Text are also available for purchase.


To find sixth grade math help, students can access online learning resources, meet with a private tutor and visit a local learning center. Each of these methods differs in its level of individualization and cost.


Some resources for sixth-grade math worksheets are HomeSchoolMath.net, K5 Learning and Helping With Math. All of these online resources provide worksheets for free in different areas of math for this grade.


Word problems in fourth grade math should challenge students to show their mastery of math concepts such as multiplication and division. Students should be able to solve simple problems as well as more challenging problems that require multiple steps.