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Some ideas for a 60th birthday party include a humorous roast or a celebration of the decade in which the person was born. Funny decorations that feature sayings like "Old Fogey" and "Vintage Vixen" are also appropriate for people who do not mind age-related humor.


There are many birthday decoration ideas that turn plain spaces into exciting party areas. Streamers are used in a variety of ways, including braiding, curling, twisting and winding to achieve a colorful atmosphere. Party supplies, such as table clothes, plates, napkins and utensils add a polished l


Some recommended ideas for a 60th birthday party include sourcing newspaper articles for facts about the birth date of the person celebrating, then spreading these around the party venue as a conversation starter for guests. As a milestone birthday, another good idea is to place photographs of the n


There are many themes that can be used for a 60th birthday, such as the person's favorite sport, decade or style of music. A 60th birthday is a major milestone in someone's life, so a party can be themed off of that person's personality, hobby or passions. Other possible party themes can be more gen


Ideas for centerpieces for a 60th birthday party include displaying the number 60 decoratively on the table or featuring memorabilia related to the celebrant. Use wood carvings, decorative printouts related to the party theme, a collection of memorable photos, and a bouquet of flowers or candy-fille


To celebrate a person's 60th birthday, create invitations, decorations and games for the party that have a unique connection to the guest of honor's life. Organize activities and and serve food focused on the person and her life, friendships, adventures and accomplishments.


Birthday decoration ideas for a party room include themed decorations, balloons, streamers, confetti, flowers and photo of the guest of honor. Choosing a theme or color scheme helps choose decorations that go together well.


Some ideas for a 60 year wedding anniversary decorations include placing trivia games made in the decade the couple married at each guest table or placing photographs of the couple from important events or favorite memories in silver frames around the venue, especially at the center of the tables. B


Some great birthday cake ideas for parties are a donut-shaped cake, an oversized cupcake style cake, flower garden cake and sports ball cake. A birthday cake with a mix of many types of candy toppings is also a popular type of cake.


Some popular games to play at a 60th birthday party include decade trivia, little known facts, identifying baby photos, funny captions and senior superlatives. These games can help in making the party unforgettable and make everyone laugh and smile.